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Hunter Storm on Killer Metal Records

From Jans Hafner, CEO of Killer Metal Records:
This heavy metal outfit from the USA did only two albums so far! KILLER METAL RECORDS will release the third one this year! We were impressed by their so far work – check them out! KILLER METAL RECORDS was established 2004, if I counted right: this is the 43th band we work with!
Welcome to the family, welcome [Power Metal, Band Name Top Secret…For Now]!!!”

Hunter Storm is thrilled to be part of the Killer Metal Records family! She is about to record the final four tracks of the top secret album she has been working on with Johnny Frankenshred and Rob Erwin of Exiled and Frankenshred, along with drummer Michael Anthony Putignano (Commandment, Throne of Serpents), It will be something very different! Storm is replacing a male singer from a very well-known metal band…There is an interesting story about this…all to be told when the album releases! \M/

Entertainment Hunter Storm Music News and Updates Song Song (Cover) Song (Original) Thank You

News & Updates: Hunter Storm Is a Top Artist on Saavn

Thank you to the listeners of Saavn! You listened to my music enough to make my songs chart among the Top Artists on the channel. I am very honored that you’re enjoying my music! Hope to see you on tour one of these days soon. For listeners in the United States: “Saavn is an Indian music and audio streaming service and digital distributor of English, Bollywood, and regional Indian music across the world. Since it was founded in 2007, the company has acquired rights to over 36 million music tracks in 15 languages. Saavn is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Web. Saavn has 22 million unique monthly active users.” Wikipedia

Entertainment Hunter Storm Music News and Updates Song Song (Cover) Song (Original) Thank You Video

Hunter Storm News: Updates 12/02/19

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU! Just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the Likes, Shares, Views, and Subscriptions! 🥰 I’m really amazed at how much you’ve been enjoying my music, books, and posts…I just put it out there and hoped you’d like what I did. It’s been a tough journey to get back here, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my work with you. How much have you been enjoying my sites? Wellllll…today, I discovered Google had created at least TWO Knowledge Panels about my endeavors…one for my “day job” career in technology, and one for my writing. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, my YouTube channel SHOWED UP in the SUGGESTIONS to SUBSCRIBE…right there between Beyoncé and EminemMusic! 🥳 According to YouTube, it’s because there have been so many views of my videos and so much traffic to my site…One of them, my cover version of “We All Die Young” by Steelheart, got over 2,165 views in the first day it posted! My Facebook page now has over 55,165 Likes…Please LIKE this Facebook page, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, and SHARE with your friends. so we can keep in touch on what I’m doing next! This will be a BIG YEAR! Can’t wait to have the chance to see YOU!

Music Song Work-Life Balance

Song (Original) Released! “Kisses of Light”©

When I’m not securing the largest enterprises in the world, I’m a vocalist and author. Musicians…what are ya gonna do with us? Most everything I do is gut-punch, screaming heavy metal or growly-purry hard rock. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to do something different…Wrote this song with my long-time friend and bandmate, Rob Erwin of Exiled, Frankenshred, and the top-secret metal band we’ve been working on for Killer Metal Records. Lyrics and all vocals are me; guitars are Rob. We wanted it to be close, unprocessed, and raw; so there are no effects, doubling, autotuning, or punch-ins…vocals were done in a single take. Did a 10-part vocal harmony to make it sound like a sweet choir in the background. Hope you enjoy this song: Kisses of Light (Heavenly Mix) © 2019.

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