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Hunter Storm News: Updates 12/02/19

Hey YOU! Yes, YOU! Just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the Likes, Shares, Views, and Subscriptions! 🥰 I’m really amazed at how much you’ve been enjoying my music, books, and posts…I just put it out there and hoped you’d like what I did. It’s been a tough journey to get back here, and I’m thrilled to be able to share my work with you. How much have you been enjoying my sites? Wellllll…today, I discovered Google had created at least TWO Knowledge Panels about my endeavors…one for my “day job” career in technology, and one for my writing. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, my YouTube channel SHOWED UP in the SUGGESTIONS to SUBSCRIBE…right there between Beyoncé and EminemMusic! 🥳 According to YouTube, it’s because there have been so many views of my videos and so much traffic to my site…One of them, my cover version of “We All Die Young” by Steelheart, got over 2,165 views in the first day it posted! My Facebook page now has over 55,165 Likes…Please LIKE this Facebook page, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, and SHARE with your friends. so we can keep in touch on what I’m doing next! This will be a BIG YEAR! Can’t wait to have the chance to see YOU!