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Song (Original) Released! “Kisses of Light”©

When I’m not securing the largest enterprises in the world, I’m a vocalist and author. Musicians…what are ya gonna do with us? Most everything I do is gut-punch, screaming heavy metal or growly-purry hard rock. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to do something different…Wrote this song with my long-time friend and bandmate, Rob Erwin of Exiled, Frankenshred, and the top-secret metal band we’ve been working on for Killer Metal Records. Lyrics and all vocals are me; guitars are Rob. We wanted it to be close, unprocessed, and raw; so there are no effects, doubling, autotuning, or punch-ins…vocals were done in a single take. Did a 10-part vocal harmony to make it sound like a sweet choir in the background. Hope you enjoy this song: Kisses of Light (Heavenly Mix) © 2019.

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