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Hunter Storm on Killer Metal Records

From Jans Hafner, CEO of Killer Metal Records:
This heavy metal outfit from the USA did only two albums so far! KILLER METAL RECORDS will release the third one this year! We were impressed by their so far work – check them out! KILLER METAL RECORDS was established 2004, if I counted right: this is the 43th band we work with!
Welcome to the family, welcome [Power Metal, Band Name Top Secret…For Now]!!!”

Hunter Storm is thrilled to be part of the Killer Metal Records family! She is about to record the final four tracks of the top secret album she has been working on with Johnny Frankenshred and Rob Erwin of Exiled and Frankenshred, along with drummer Michael Anthony Putignano (Commandment, Throne of Serpents), It will be something very different! Storm is replacing a male singer from a very well-known metal band…There is an interesting story about this…all to be told when the album releases! \M/